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Emily Symons Biography

Emmerdale's busty barmaid Louise is playing with fire when she starts having an affair with sleazy Matthew.

Louise, played by Emily Symons, soon gets over her initial reluctance to cheat on Terry with the dastardly King brother and can't get enough.

The blonde and the businessman, played by Matt Healy, are all over each other and take more and more risks so that they can get up close and personal.

One clinch in the pub cellar nearly ends in disaster when Diane, played by Elizabeth Estensen, almost catches them out as she comes downstairs to stock up.

When the B&B is ready and Terry moves back in, Matthew and Louise can hardly contain themselves when they realise they'll be able to see each other much more often.

So one night Matthew takes the hapless cuckold, played by Billy Hartman, out for the night and keeps slipping him drinks until he is blind drunk.

Matthew takes him home and leaves him to pass out on the sofa while he sneaks upstairs with Louise for a bit of nookie.

Little do the illicit couple know, however, that Val, played by Charlie Hardwick, is on her way up to investigate the unexpected noises.

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