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Benedetta Massola Biography

Blessed Massola Taliacarne is born to La Spezia 18 March 1978, from one noble family. In 1992, to the single ones 14 years, gain "the Beautifulst" competition making its first apparition in Tv, on Channel 5. Therefore, the young, enters in the world of the publicity and of the fashion, undertaking the career of models. From Levanto (La Spezia) it will be moved to Milan. In the ' 97, when diploma to the Scientific Grammar school, has already taken part "to the Tamed Bisbetica" of Shakespeare and it is prepared to participate to numerous television transmissions between which "Harem", "I wanted To greet" and "the Good Sunday". The happened one arrives in the ' 99 with the first participation to Passaparola that renders it much popular one and it gives the possibility to participate to them to tens of television transmissions. In summer 2000 it turns its first film Leeward "!" with Claudius Amendola, exited to the cinema in june 2001. To the resumption of Passaparola, edition 2000-01, nobody could imagine the outbreak that of fact it will render the letterine a "case" of custom of which they will take care all the average. And to the term of a vintage year they prevails, Blessed prefers not to continue to ride the happened one of Passaparola, which she has contributed substantially, and chip ax offered of the baby "the 7", tv independent and ambitious, in which transmission would have had to lead one all its. But to the eve of I launch of the programs of the first season, la7 she changes broken off, and between the plans that she abandons there is also that one of Blessed. At the hands of great photographer Conrad Godly, she gives life to the Calendar 2002 of the Genteviaggi review, riscuotendo succeeded and popolaritą on all the average. In season 2001-2002, after a happy participation to "Vianello House", Pressing Champions League with to Maximum De Luca leads, on Italia1. In season 2002-2003 it takes part to Without Net, sport journalistic program first evening on Retequattro, lead from Paul Liguori. From 12 January to the 28 june 2003 is the face of Retequattro, in substitution of Emanuela Folliero. In season 2003-2004 it is one of the three conduttrici that are alternated to Sipario, appendix of the tg4 of information on the show, and while it attends recitazione course. In summer 2004 it turns before its fiction tv, a Cyclone in Family, of the Vanzina siblings. In the cast, between the others, Maximum Boldi and Red Barbara De. The aiming miniseries of 4 will go in wave to the beginning of 2005. In the new television season, it resumes the conduction of Sipario.

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